Sad News about Rockingham Park


Im posting a link for a great article on the sad future of Rockingham Park in Salem Nh. Unless a miracle happens in the NH senate thursday it looks like Nh will once again kill any hope of legalizing Gambling in the state. People in government are opposed to gambling for what it brings to the state (besides money and jobs).  Whats funny about that is that right now the track brings in 2 million dollars a year in “charitable gaming” (poker, blackjack, craps) which apparently is different from “gambling”. Its all scare tactics from anti gambling people in the state. Instead it looks like the track will get demolished and redeveloped in the next 18 months. Its a very sad situation for New England racing who has already lost hope with Suffolk Downs getting bypassed for a casino. On a personal note, living a few miles from “The Rock” its where i grew up and also where i caught the bug for this beautiful sport. Friday nights under the lights, saturdays on a lawnchair in the picnic area, great memories. To see it standing there, falling apart, knowing itll never be back to its glory days, when seabiscuit ran there, or big NY outfits shipping in for the NH Sweepstakes every summer, its a shame. Its time for people to wake up and see what we are losing, but unfortunetly its probably already to late.

Sad News about Rockingham Park

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