Shagaf thoughts


I know its a little late but I want to look at Shagaf and his gotham win and future going forward….
So after careful thought, i think ive found my derby horse and his name is Shagaf. I know people have bashed his Gotham win, saying it didnt get a high number, or they didnt come home their last quarter fast enough. I look at it this way…from all ive heard and after seeing his works, i am fairly certain Chad didnt have him cranked up for this race. Chad is so good at picking a race and working backwards from it that he should have plenty of room for improvement. It was also his first time around two turns, and he got dirt in his face, and although he ran on the golden rail untill the turn, he did have to swing out 3 wide and close ground on the slowest part of the track. Lastly pedigree he should only improve as the distance gets longer with 3 belmont winners in his blood. All these things lead me to believe that he will improve in the Wood and then peak in the Derby. If you get anywhere close to the 20-1 in this weekends futures pool i would jump on it.

Shagaf thoughts

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